This Is Even Harder to Say

As I've previously posted, it took me a long time to admit I was a writer. Even after I was able to say that with confidence  the question of what I wrote would often stump me. It's not because I didn't know the answer, but because what the answer was.  I write romances.  But I'd fallen victim to the propaganda and was ashamed to admit it. It was like a dirty little secret that I was afraid of other people knowing for fear of the looks I'd get.  Not any more. I'll say it loud and proud.

I write romance!"

I write romances that are so sugary sweet that there's a chance of slipping into a diabetic coma by the end. I love love and happy endings.  Most people are in that boat with me. In fact it's not a boat, it's a ship. A huge cruise liner full of romance readers.

You wouldn't know this because very few admit to being on the romance reading ship, but they are.  Almost everyone (well almost every woman) is on board. If no one reads romances, how is it a billion dollar industry? People read it and that's why it is the largest market share of the book market- selling more than mysteries, literary fiction, or thrillers.

Romances often get a bad rep for being cliche. Often they are, and that's why I love them. Yes, from page one it's known what's going to happen on the last page. They will meet, usually not liking each other for some reason. Then they'll fall in love, but not want to admit it. Of course someone or something will happen that pulls them apart. Of course, love conquers all in the end and they live happily ever after. Romance isn't about the destination, it's about the journey. It's not about what's going to happen, but how it happens.