43 Bits


 I have a favorite phrase. It's just four little letters that make up two words.  It's not my favorite phrase because it's profound or inspirational. It's my favorite because I use it a lot. I don't even mean to use it, I just do. What is this phrase you ask? It's  a bit (now the picture makes sense).I use it, well, quite a bit. The strange thing is, it isn't part of my everyday speaking vocabulary, but I love to use it when I write. My search of the book returned 43 results for the word "bit"  in my novel. Three times I actually used bit, as in the past tense of bite, and once it was used to describe how something was said. That still leaves 39 instances of the phrase and that's a bit much of  "a bit". In some instances it appeared several times in one paragraph.

It may have been okay if it was one character that said it all the time because then it would be a trait. Like the four times I used it as the past tense of bite, it was the same person.  (Diane's a lip biter.) The other 39 times it was in dialogue, coming out of everyone's mouth, and in prose .

It must not be very obvious because no one but me seemed to notice. Just to make myself happy, I went back and changed most of them. Several were simply deleted because they were unnecessary.  In fact, there were times that it actually made the sentence loose impact. I changed the others to things like, a tad, a little, some, kind of, somewhat, and rather.

Hopefully I can break myself of the habit of using  a bit. It's not likely since I now have part of  that Santana/ Michelle Branch song Game of Love stuck in my head. You know the part. Where she sings:

It just takes a little bit of this, a little bit of that

It started with a kiss, now we're up to bat

A little bit of laughs, a little bit of pain

I'm tellin' you, my babe, it's all in the game of love

Love, Lena