Seasons Change

Early  Fall
Early Fall

I took this picture about a week ago in front of my favorite grocery store. The pumpkins had already been out a couple of days, but the mums had just been added. I was not surprised that the grocery store was selling potted plants and garden ornaments, but I was surprised that were selling these particular flowers in August. Mums and pumpkins are fall. These aren't even just pumpkins. These are jack-o-lanterns which aren't relevant until almost November. Are there no longer seasons? Nope. There isn't, and I'm part of the problem.

I released Jack & Diane in July, but it takes place in the winter. I can't lie, I thought about incongruity of seasons before it was released. While I was debating it I went to see Iron Man 3. It was opening weekend (because I am a minor league fangirl) which was the first weekend of May. The movie took place during Christmas. That was all I needed to decide that was okay to release because it doesn't matter what season it's set. Just like it doesn't matter that mums are replacing the fireworks on the store shelves. Plus why wait months when the book was ready and waiting?