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If you saw the recent interview I did with I Love Romance Novels Online, or read my bio, you know that I've been writing my entire life. Sharing my stories has always been my dream.  It was a dream I deferred until I was thirty-uh huh years old. I don't want to make this the longest blog post in the history of blogs, so I won't list the reasons I put my dream off. Langston Hughes once wrote about those put off dreams.

 A Dream Deferred.

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up  like a raisin in the sun?  Or fester like a sore--  And then run?  Does it stink like rotten meat?  Or crust and sugar over--  like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags  like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

Or do you wake up one day and say, "Today is the day I will make my dream a reality"? I stop soothing myself with excuses by calling them reasons. I came up with a rebuttal for every excuse.  I used to tell myself I didn't have time. I started telling myself that time is what you make it, so make your time count; turn the TV off and write. (I just DVR'd everything and watched while cleaning.) My number one excuse was that I was too old to act on a young girls dreams.

Writing, and getting it into the hands of readers, was a task in my youth. Back then you had to find an agent that liked your manuscript enough to convenience a publisher to chisel those words onto all those stones and chariot them to bookstores and libraries across the lands. Who had the time for that? Who wanted to deal with rejection from agents, publishers, and maybe readers?

But that was then. Now there are ebooks. That means I'd only have to be rejected once, by the readers. Like the reader that said in a review that, "The writing was so painfully bad I could not go on." (Ouch!) Other people were doing it, so what was stopping me? Nothing. So what I was the square root of two hundred and fifty-six, divided by two, plus  one hundred, minus seventy, (I hope no one takes the time to calculate that) it was not too late to achieve my dream. In fact it would be easier now.

This week, Diana Nyad successfully swam over a hundred miles from Cuba to Florida. She'd tried several times, including twice last year, but was unsuccessful. There were sharks and jellyfish, and dehydration, but she never stopped dreaming the dream she first had in her twenties. Her dream was no longer deferred. She made it a reality at age 64. You know what she told herself during that victorious swim? "Find a way."

find a way

If you have a dream deferred, find a way to make it reality.