The List

checkmarkMany people have a bucket list, things they want to do before they die. I hope that death is a long ways off. But I have to face facts, 40 is strolling up the walk and about to ring my doorbell.  So instead of concentrating on things to do over the next few decades, I'm going to try to knock out a few things, maybe 40 of them, before I turn 40. These are somewhat easily obtainable goals. As I make progress on this list I'll post updates. These are in no particular order. It's also not a complete list, it's just the start of the list because this is as many things as I could think of off the top of my head. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

  1. Write 4 more novels. If I can't think of 40 things, I'm splitting this into 4.
  2. Learn to swim. (And conquer my fear of drowning in the shower.)
  3. Drop a dress size (or four).
  4. Sky dive.
  5. Finish that script, yeah that one that's outlined on the post it notes on the window.
  6. Rough it in a cabin in the mountains. By rough it, I mean no wi-fi or cable.
  7. There's a famous book written by an author that I share a birthday with, I've never read it. I will.
  8. Read four nonfiction books.
  9. Brush up on that Spanish I took in high school, but not the French from middle school.
  10. Go salsa dancing.
  11. Plan an awesome 40th birthday party (with fancy invites and probably a candy theme).
  12. Be bold enough to tell that guy I've known forever, and loved for about that long, how I feel.
  13. Visit Michigan. It's the only one of my neighboring state I've never visited.
  14. Visit the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art) at least four times.
  15. Visit the Eiteljorg Museum for the first time. (I've been here 20 years and driven by it countless times, but never gone.)
  16. Go to a covered bridge festival.
  17. Finish refurbishing the dinning room set.
  18. Sit front row at a concert.
  19. Get a friend from every state. Virtual counts.
  20. Help sell my mother's artwork.
  21. Help sell my sister's artwork.
  22. Keep a prayer journal.
  23. Do that Diet Coke and Mentos eruption thing.
  24. Learn to play guitar.
  25. Write a song.
  26. Cook 5 recipes from my Pinterest board.
  27. Make 5 crafts from my Pinterest boards.
  28. See a play (probably Wicked).
  29. Sew at least two things.
  30. Have a reunion with Woman of Words. (Maybe even get us back together.)