Two thousand and fourteen

2013 was great! I released my first book. I reconnected with old friends and made new ones. My son learned to read. My daughter became taller than me before she reached the teen years. I found a new church that I love and my kids are excited to go. Also, I finally got to go to an Ikea! Yes, 2013 was a good year. But 2014,  I'm going to rock 2014 like a hurricane! (That is the one and only Scorpions reference you'll likely ever get from me.) I plan to release at least two new books. Someone to Love (Noli and Copper's story) is almost ready. The Nearness of You (Amara and Ryan's story) will come out soon after.

Also, I've challenged myself to writing 500 words a day. That means I'll keep this blog updated regularly and hopefully get a third book out.

My publisher (Dewy Moss) and I have several contests and giveaways planned. I'll also be forming a street team that will be privy to advance copies of books and receive other assorted swag.

2014 will be great!