My Favorite Books

Like most writers, I began as an avid reader.  I've read many books, but there are some that stand out as my favorites. They are those books with stories or characters that stuck around long after I closed the cover.

I thought I'd start where it all began. The story that has been with me the longest. This book is my favorite story from my favorite series: Me Too Iguana from the Sweet Pickles series.

I think this series was available through A&P's stamp program (like my other favorite childhood series, Sesame Street Encyclopedias). For those of you not familiar, this was a program at the grocery store where you got stamps for buying groceries. After collecting the stamps in a little book, you could buy different things like dishes, or books.


There were twenty-six books (one for each letter in the alphabet). While I enjoyed the ten or so I had, Me Too Iguana stuck with me the most. Iguana couldn't see her own beauty. She wanted stripes like Zebra, or feathers like Goose, or a trunk like Elephant. It took those other characters painting themselves green to help her see she was beautiful in her own unique way.

In today's society I think this book should be required reading for boys and girls, and men and women of all ages. Even now, in my awesome years (that's what I've decided to call this wiser, grayer, stage of my life) I need to be reminded that I'm good as me. I don't need to keep up with the Joneses or the Kardashians or anyone else. I just need to keep up with me because that's the only person I need to be.