Shifting Gears

To write a rough draft, I have to let go of everything and just write. I often skip things, like details or attributing dialog to the speaker. I duct tape my internal editor in the basement of my mind.  This is the only way I can get from once upon a time to they lived happily ever after. When my editor is on, one chapter can take a day to write. When my editor's off, one chapter can take as little as an hour.

After I've completed the rough draft, I free my editor and start revisions. Revisions take forever because every word is debated. Should it stay? Should it go? Should it be moved? Should I choose a better word? How many times have I used this word? It goes on and on.

Well, I've been on the same chapter all day today. I just can't write it. I don't have writer's block. The ideas are chomping at the bit to get from my head to the screen. The issue is that my internal editor is running around my head nitpicking on everything like a mother judging the cleanliness her adult child's home. My internal editor is criticizing every letter that I type. I had to take a break from writing because it just dawned on me that I forgot to use enhanced interrogation after revising my last novel to get her back in the basement so I can resume my work in progress.

I am shifting gears from revision mode to rough draft mode. I'm pulling out the duct tape right now. I'm thinking maybe lace this time.