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My Biggest Fan


It's been several years since the release of my debut novel Jack & Diane but it seems like yesterday. I still feel ecstatic and overwhelmed by its success. It reached #1 in two categories on Amazon. My book remained in the top 100 in a few categories for weeks. It has 4.2 out of 5 stars from almost two hundred reviews. People have e-mailed me to tell me how much they enjoyed reading it. While all of that is great, the thing that brought me the most joy is my mom's reaction before the novel had garnered any success. I called her at work the moment Jack & Diane went live on Amazon. She responded by yelling through the entire office, "My daughter's a published author!"

My mom no longer has an office to scream through because as of last Friday afternoon she's officially retired. As proud as she is of me I'm way prouder of her nearly 34 years of public service ensuring equality and civil rights in housing and employment. She now has, even more, time to ask me when my next novel will be completed.  Actually, I think she'll fill her time with her long time hobby of painting and hopefully turn it into a second career (or at least shares it with the world). I've started by sharing two of my favorite she's painted, HERstory and HIStory.

Mom, congrats on making it to the other side.