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Put That Rage On The Page

One of my favorite bands is The Script. On their third release #3 they have a song about the loss of two of the member's parents (Danny lost his dad and Mark lost both parents). If You Could See Me Know talks about how they wish their late parents could see their success. While I wish my late grandmother could see me now (I didn't publish until almost a decade after she died) that particular sentiment of the song isn't what I relate to the most. What resonates with me most is this line:

"Take that rage, put it on a page Take the page to the stage Blow the roof off the place"

I do this when I write. I've put my joy, my hope, and yes, my rage on the page. I've not taken it to the actual stage because my voice would send people screaming as they ran as far away as possible.

In my teens, I kept a journal to get my emotions out. It was during the tumultuous dating experiences of my twenties that I began to express my feelings with poetry. Poetry also helped me in my thirties deal with the worse experience in my romantic life, an unfaithful spouse.

I recently found the poem I wrote during that time. I was able to express my anger and pain with my words instead of my fists, or pots and pans (a cast iron skillet is good for more than just cooking). It helped me deal with the betrayal and soldier on for another three years before waving the white flag. I've shared the poem, Buckshot to the Heart and One to the Head, in my poetry section.