Jack & Diane

Book 1 in the Hoosier Hearts series.

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When Diane's car breaks down during a snowstorm on an empty highway, she's fearful of the driver of the pickup truck with the confederate flag vanity plate who stops to help. 

From the moment that Jack sees her warm brown eyes, he knows that his prayers have been answered. Now he just has to convince the beautiful damsel in distress of that too. 

Diane Clark is an African-American law student with dreams of big city corporate takeovers. Jack Sloan is a generational farmer with a love of country music and the simple life. Can they overcome their differences and her bad impression of their first meeting to find love?

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Someone to Love

Book 2 in the Hoosier Hearts series.

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Since her parents sudden death, Magnolia Freeman has been trying to outrun her grief and avoid getting too close to anyone she may lose. When returns home there's an immediate attraction to the best man at her cousin's wedding. Too afraid to allow herself to love him, she leaves town soon after her bridesmaid duties are done. 

Cooper Smith hasn’t believed in love since his father abandoned him as a child. He vows never to fall in love and keeps all his ties to women loose. He thinks that Magnolia will be another temporary fling. She becomes much more until she leaves as suddenly as his dad had. 

As hard as Magnolia tries, it’s impossible to block the memories of Cooper out of her mind or her heart, especially when there’s a permanent reminder of him growing inside her. 

Can they get beyond their pasts and realize they've found someone to love?

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The Nearness of You

Book 3 in the Hoosier Hearts series.

Political consultant Amara Adams fell in love with her best friend’s older brother when she was five. All her dreams came true when he slipped a wedding ring on her finger. Those dreams quickly turned into nightmares when he used her love for him to further his career.

Ryan Clark knew that breaking the career-making news story about his bride’s boss would cause problems in their marriage, but he didn't think asking for an annulment would be their only communication for over a year. All his attempts to reconcile proved futile, until he maneuvered his way into becoming her housemate.

Just as their nearness brought them back together, he uncovered secrets about her new boss. Will Ryan choose his love for Amara over his career this time?

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