Secret Santa Date


A quirky online dating service has the dates bring each other secret Santa gifts. Will the date lead to love or re-gifting?

Read this short story of long lasting love.


“Lottie, we need to move your matchmaking business into the twenty-first century. I’d actually settle for the twentieth century.”

“What century is it?” Lottie asked.

“The twenty-first,” Charlie sighed because she knew where this was going.

“Is it my business to matchmake?”


“Then my matchmaking business is in the twenty-first century.”

“You know that’s not what I mean. There are websites now that match based on algorithms. That’s what I went to college for, I can code one for you.”

“Baby, I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it again. I know better than any old all-go-rhythm.”

“It’s algorithm grandma.”

“That’s what I said. And I told you, I’m too young to be called grandma. Call me Lottie, that’s my name.”

“Lottie, you’re sixty-seven. That’s plenty old enough to be called grandma.”

“I may have been born sixty-seven years ago, but in here and here,” she said pointing to her head and then heart, “I’m the same age as you.”

“You are very young at heart. That’s why you should have a site where people can post their profile and choose who they want to be with.”

“People think they know what they want, but they don’t know what they need.”


“Save it. Save it. Save it,” she said waving her hand like she was shooing a fly away.  I’ve heard it all before. I’m not a dating service like you’re talking about, I’m a matchmaker. My methods may be a bit unconventional, but they work and I’m not going to change them.”

“Fine,” Charlie conceded knowing this was a battle she’d never win. Can we at least give you a web presence? Create a page so people can contact you for your matchmaking services?”

“Now you’re talking Charlie.  I like that suggestion. I even have an idea that might work online.”




“Luv by Lottie Love? Lottie helps you find the love you need?” Whitney read everything on the website as if it were a question. “Secret Santa Dates? What is this mess you’ve gotten me into? Faith?”

“A beautiful mess called love.”

“Despite what you,” she said and waved a hand towards the screen, “and Lottie think, I don’t need love. I’m happy with my love life.”

“You don’t have a love life.”

“And I’m happy with that.”

“You have to do this. I spent a fortune on this. Jace would kill me if he knew I wasted that kind of money.”

“Get a refund.”

Faith took the mouse from her sister-in-law and scrolled to the bottom of the website and read, “Refunds are only available if your match is unsuccessful.”

“Fine, my match was unsuccessful,” Whitney said.

“It doesn’t work that way. You have to go on the date, then I can get a refund.”

“If I go on the date, I should get the refund.”

“Ok, that works for me. Lottie’s success rate is near perfect, so I think your match will be successful.”

“You know, if you weren’t pregnant and I weren’t afraid of my brother, I would choke you right now.”

“Such violence. Maybe that’s the reason for your lack of a love life.”

Whitney narrowed her eyes at Faith. “What is it I’m suppose to do?”

“First you think of your ideal guy. Now, what would you buy him for Christmas?”

“A plane ticket to get away from my family.”

“Be serious Whitney.”

“I am being serious.”

Faith put her hand on her hip, well more on the side of her rounded belly.  Her swollen ankles didn’t keep her from tapping her foot. She wasn’t intimidating in the least, but she was persistent and Whitney knew Faith wouldn’t let up until she got her way.

“Fine, I’ll think of a gift for my dream guy.”

Faith clapped her hands in excitement. “I can just sense you’re going to meet the one. You just need to make sure to set the wedding date sometime after I’ve lost the baby weight.”

“What?” Whitney didn’t understand how Faith’s brain worked. She barely agreed to the date and already the woman was thinking of flower arrangements and apparently bridesmaid duties.

“What what? It may be vain, but I want to look good standing next to you at the alter.”

“How did I get to the altar already?”

“I told you. I can just sense he’s the one. The one you’ll marry.”


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